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If your goal is to get your message heard, make a lasting impact on people's lives, and live a lifestyle that's perfect for you while you make it happen, join me as I walk you step-by-step through my proven Focus on Impact™ Map - the simple process I've used to help difference-makers around the globe increase impact PLUS income in record time!

IMPORTANT: if you've been to seminars, attended webinars & teleseminars, purchased books, online courses, DVDs, CDs and expensive coaching services and you're still not making the impact or income you want, read my note at the bottom of this page!

A Note from Wendy

Whether or not you plan to attend this webinar, I'd like to tell you an important story and 3 facts you need to hear.

The story will probably sound familiar – either because it's happened to someone you know, or because it's the one you're living.

The facts may surprise you. Or maybe they won't. Either way, it's my profound wish they will elevate your strength and flame your fire to make your impact now…

The story…

Look closely at the photo below. It was taken at one of my live events as an attendee cried in my arms, sharing the long journey she'd been on, trying to make her impact…

MPTA crying

She'd attended seminars, webinars, teleseminars and hangouts…

She'd purchased books, online courses, CDs, DVDs, and expensive coaching programs…

She'd spent a vast amount of time, energy and money…

But she still wasn't where she wanted to be.

Her friends and family, once her greatest supporters, had started asking if maybe the time had come for her to stop.

Humiliated and scared, she couldn't help but wonder if they were right.

But she wasn't ready to give up the fight. Her message was too important.

The Facts…

I wish I could tell you her story is unique. But the heart-breaking truth is this woman is one of thousands who have told me similar stories.

Every night, impact-driven men and women sit at their computers well into the night, searching for answers.

They wonder if they're smart enough, young enough or worthy enough to build a business around their unique message, product or service…

They lay awake wondering where they're going wrong and why nothing they're doing brings them success that comes close to the "gurus" they follow…

If you can relate to this story, here are 3 facts you've got to know:

Fact # 1: You're not alone

In 2009, I heard a statistic that rocked my world.

A top influencer confidentially told me less than 2 percent of his clients ever actually implement what they learn in his programs.

He also shared that other influencers estimate similar results in their programs, though he wasn't aware of any concrete research that had been done.

I decided to see for myself.

Over the next 18 months, I spoke to over 3000 people attending live seminars.

99% of them reported they'd been trying for more than 1 year and had invested a minimum of $1,000 (many significantly more) but were no closer to achieving their dreams than when they'd begun.

Bottom line: If you've invested time and money trying to make your difference and you haven't implemented what you learned or made the progress you expected, you're not alone.

Fact # 2: It's not your fault

This was not my first research study looking into the factors that block success for difference-makers.

In case you don't know my background, I was trained by some of the world's leading authorities in social research at Duke University and spent the first 3 years of my career managing projects in organizational research and evaluation studies.

Since then, I've conducted many research projects as part of my work helping hundreds of thousands of experts, entrepreneurs and executives grow their impact.

Results consistently show:

Traditional (and even some of the most popular) business models don't work for difference-makers.

Bottom line: No matter how much time and money you've spent, if you weren't given the right strategic model and formulas to fit your uniqueness as a difference-maker, your lack of success is not your fault.

Fact # 3: There IS a way to capitalize

My research has shown many of the tactics and strategies you've learned from others WILL work for you, when you plug them into a strategic model that is right for you.

Difference-makers need a specific type of model – one that lets them capitalize on their uniqueness by customizing proven strategies to their unique difference.

The first step is to stop trying to force yourself to conform to traditional models. They won't work for you!

Besides - the world doesn't need you to clone yourself after a guru - we need you to maximize and capitalize on the uniqueness that is YOU!

I've spent 35 years developing, testing and proving the strategic model that works for difference-makers.

93% of my surveyed clients who used this model got measurable results.

Much better than 2%, yes?

Now what?

Okay, so stop for a moment and absorb these 3 facts:

1) If you've been struggling, you're not alone.
2) If you've been blaming yourself for your lack of success, please don't. It's not your fault.
3) There IS a way to capitalize on your uniqueness, once you have the model that works and know how to customize it.


As soon as you see this model, it will make total sense to you and you'll understand why you're not where you want to be.

Whether you're just starting out or have been struggling for years, this webinar will show you the path you need to make everything come together so you can make the impact you were born to make and get paid for the difference you bring to people's lives.

If you're already successful, the model will give you the missing pieces to take you further.

So watch this webinar replay while it's available...

Because the world needs your impact….

Because your heart needs to bring it to them…

And because life is far too short to settle for less than you truly want – in your business or your life.

I wish you only the very best and look forward to seeing you on the webinar!
P.S. If you know other difference-makers who need to hear this story and get this model, please pass this page onto them.





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